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Basic 10-week Canvas Course Template for Remote Instruction

Basic 10-week Canvas Course Template for Remote Instruction

We have developed a basic 10-week Canvas course template to help you get started transitioning your teaching to Canvas. The template includes instructions to help you build your course and a module specially designed to help orient students to learning remotely. 

Each weekly module includes:

  • A blank overview page (with space for introductory text, learning outcomes, and weekly schedule) 
  • A blank page for a video lecture/session (with instructions on how to upload a video)
  • A blank discussion forum (with directions for how to insert the discussion prompt)
  • A blank quiz/test (with instructions on how to insert questions)

Any of these items can be deleted if they don’t fit with your vision, but they are there, if you need them.

How can you get this template?

To have this Canvas template imported into your course, click here to contact UW Bothell IT 

To preview the template or import it yourself, click here to follow these steps. 

If just want to preview or import the module designed to orient students to learning remotely and using Canvas, click here to follow these steps.