Email System Upgrade

Project Name: Campus Email and Calendaring Upgrade

Project Manager: Tim Rhoades

Project Timeline: Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

Project goals: Before fall quarter 2012, we plan to upgrade the existing faculty/staff email and calendaring services to add the following features:

  • 7 GB Inboxes--we'll be allocating all available space to inboxes and eliminating adminstrative "quotas" that artificially limit inbox sizes.
  • Use Outlook off campus--the new system will enable Outlook to work both off campus, so you can work from home without remote desktop.
  • Outlook for Mac--the new email system will now support Outlook for Mac and enable us to offer Office 2011 upgrades for Mac users (note: Mac users can upgrade anytime after we finish the email upgrade, but you don't need to upgrade right away).
  • Webmail is much better--it works great on any web browser and looks/feels/functions almost like regular Outlook.

User impact:

In most cases, you won't need to do anything to take advantage of the upgrade. It'll happen automatically in the backgroud for most on-campus Windows computers.

Some Macs have custom settings for Entourage or Mac Mail that may have to be slightly adjusted. We'll be sending out announcments and posting instructions for those cases.

NOTE: Student email services are provided by UW Seattle IT through MyUW.

Project FAQ:

Q: How will this affect my email archives?

A: Short answer? It won't. Your archives should remain intact and connected just like they are now. Larger inboxes should mean you won't have to archive too much more, though!

Q: Why 7GB inboxes?

A: We are now able to move away from putting quotas on inboxes by pre-emptively giving everyone that maximum amount of space our storage system can handle. On the plus side, everyone gets a lot more space. This also means that we generally won't be able to grant extra space on request--there won't be any extra. That said, we're hopefully going to be increasing inbox sizes as much as we can for everyone as we upgrade storage as part of our service maintainence process.

Q: Why aren't we going to the Google or Microsoft cloud email services provided by UW Seattle?

A: We might well do so in the future--but right now, UW Seattle is still working with Microsoft to fully develop a UW version of the Office 365 service from Microsoft. We've decided to keep providing UWB email locally until we're able to fully evaluate these upcoming cloud services options. In the meantime, we still want to get our email system upgraded.

 ...and more FAQs to come. Send any questions you might have

Detailed Timeline:

Fall 2011: Acquired and implemented Microsoft Exchange 2010 application servers

Winter 2012:

  • IT staff training on Exchange 2010
  • Implementation and re-architecturing of the UW Bothell enterprise envronment (our domain, how we handle accounts, and more) to meet technical requirements of the new exchange environment.

Spring 2012:

  • Testing and configuration of Exchange 2010 environment and configuration,
  • Begin user-experience analysis with actaul test upgrades and accounts (testing basic functionality, Outlook from home, Entourage and Outlook for Mac, Webmail, and mobile device connections)
  • Procure and install new storage servers for expanded inboxes

Summer 2012:

  • Final configuration tweaks as a result of early testing
  • Create how-to documentation for users and create IT tech support process for the new system
  • Test migration with large group of IT staff
  • Make final adjustments to new service

GOAL: Migrate all UW Bothell faculty and staff email accounts to the new email services


Project Benefits:

  • 7 GB inboxes
  • Use Outlook from home
  • Supports Office 2011 for Mac
  • Amazing webmail