Computer Lab Guidelines


Report unusual activities or behavior

Campus phone:

  • 2-5222 – Emergency
  • 2-5359 – Non-emergency

Cell Phone:

  • 425-352-5222 – Emergency
  • 425-352-5359 – Non-emergency
  • Do not load software
    Many software installations have unpleasant side effects and unfortunate security implications.
  • Report problems and broken equipment – Call 2-3456


  • Learning can be noisy.
    Talk, discuss, collaborate, work in groups. We don’t expect quiet labs but there may come a time when the noise goes beyond a productive level … If someone asks you to keep the noise down please respect their request.
  • Exercise personal electronics courtesy.
    Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone and, upon request, only use your audio device with a headset.
  • Use the lab’s telephones for emergencies only.
    Phone calls can disrupt classes and other activities.
  • Eat responsibly.
    You may eat and drink in the lab so long as you are careful.
  • Clean up your mess.
    A clean lab benefits everyone.
  • Log off your computer
    If you don’t the next person to use the computer may have access to your files.
  • Do Not lock your computer
    The next person will need to reboot it thus potentially destroying any open files you may have.

Save Your Files

  • PC users save to your U:drive
  • If you need to take your data with you, we recommend a USB drive because of their ease of use, compatibility, and low cost.

General Computing Guidelines

  • Do not use your computer account for commercial purposes.
  • Send E-mail only to those who want to receive it.
  • Do not create, send, or forward chain letters.
  • Do not distribute copyrighted software, music, images, etc.

If you do not follow the rules, you could lose your UW computing privileges. To learn more about these and other rules, see Appropriate Use of UW Resources.