Connected Learning Course Funds

Connected Learning Course Funds

The Connected Learning Course funds support the integration of community-engaged learning and research, global engagement, or research and creative projects into existing or new courses. We will fund up to $10,000 for all course support funds in FY 23. See examples below of how faculty have used these funds to support connected learning courses. 

Purpose of funds

In alignment with desired outcomes of students’ participation in connected learning, the Connected Learning funds support activities within courses that create conditions for students to: 

  1. Prepare for a career or profession through experiential learning.
  2. Develop a sense of belonging: connection to UW Bothell and the broader community.
  3. Contribute to a more just and equitable community.

Apply for funds

Please complete this form to share how you plan to use the funding and how it connects to the Office of Connected Learning student learning goals above. You must be logged in with your UW NetID.

Funding examples

  • guest speaker or community partner compensation
  • student stipend or short-term student hire
  • materials to support projects
  • printing costs for zines or artwork
  • web hosting or online publishing 


  • Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and you will receive a response from an Office of Connected Learning staff member within a week. 
  • Eligibility criteria: UW Bothell faculty members of all career tracks (full- and part-time) and staff who are affiliated faculty are eligible to receive these support funds. 
  • Only one fund will be granted per course, per section, per quarter.
  • Course support funds available after you’ve utilized your departmental or other School resources.
  • Funding must conform to guidelines for the use of state funds. 
  • Priority will be given to lower level courses (100/200) if askes exceed funding available.  

Report out

If granted a Connected Learning Course Support Fund, we ask that you share your work with a broader audience. The Office of Connected Learning will reach out to invite you to share your connected learning experiences through different avenues:

Please mention the Connected Learning Course Fund in any communications or news related to your project. The Office of Connected Learning may follow up to do additional marketing and story-telling around each project.

Connected Learning Course Fund - Past Projects

Previous courses supported by Connected Learning Course Fund may give you an idea of what have been funded and for what amounts. This list is not comprehensive.


  • Jong Yoon, Associate Professor, Mechanical engineering coordinator, School of STEM/Engineering & Math Division, Summer - extension of BME 496 Capstone Project in Mechanical Engineering I of spring 2023, Workshop support, $500.

  • Nora Kenworthy, Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, BHLTH 423, Spring 2023. Global Health: Critical Perspectives , for community partner consultation work with class and mentorship of student work, $500.

  • Victoria Breckwich Vasquez, DrPH, MPH, MA - UW Bothell Lecturer (Part-Time) & LETI LLI Mentor, School of Nursing & Health Studies, Spring, BHLTH 498B, Latinx Leadership Initiative (LLI) at UW Bothell.  Workshop support $120

  • Laura Umetsu, J.D., Instructor, School of Business, Spring 2023, BBUS 307. Student teams interview client stakeholders and create website educational and promotional content based on these interviews for community engagement learning partner the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), $200.


  • Joseph Ferrare, IAS, BIS 232 Visualizing Quantitative Data, $500
    Student assistant to support CBLR project logistics.     
  • Victoria Breckwich Vasquez, NHS, BHLTH 222: Latinx Health & Culture, $500
    Stipend for three community guest speakers.     
  • Victoria Breckwich Vasquez , NHS, BHLTH 498: LETI Latinx Leadership Initiative, $500
    Honararia for 1 alum mentor.
  • Deborah Hathaway, FYPP, BCORE 120 B: Working in Teams, $500
    Payment to SilverKite Community Arts who will help provide an orientation to the students and also help coordinate and lead the program with ECA.     
  • Jin-Kyu Jung, IAS, BIS406 Urban Planning and Geography, $300
    Grocery gift cards to the local participants as a compensation for participating the survey..    
  • Kari Lerum, NHS, BIS 341: Girls on Film, $500
    Cover the costs for all of my students to gain access to designated films from Cascadia International Women's Film Festival and a stipend for a  filmmaker guest speaker.     
  • Nora Kenworthy, NHS, BHLTH 423, $500
    Student stipends for winning team to continue working with the stakeholders and encourage implementation.     
  • Jin-Kyu Jung, IAS, BIS352 Mapping Communities, $300
    Community partner (LETI) consulation work with course.     
  • Laura Umetsu, BUS, BBUS 307 Business Writing, $400
    Honoaria for two guest community speakers.     
  • Ching-In Chen, IAS, BCULST 587/BISIA 410, $500
    Stipend for one of our community partners to work with the students and a stipend for a guest speaker.

Please note: many county and state employees cannot be compensated with speaker fees, as it's often considered part of their work. Check-in with them to see if they can accept.