Instructional Videos

Collaboratory Machine Tutorials

The Collaboratory is happy to announce a new set of video tutorials. These quick three to five minute long videos go over the basics of some of the more advanced machines located in the Collaboratory. Currently the list of tutorials include: Cura slicing, 3D printing, sewing, Circuit handling, and CNC milling. More videos will be made in the future to cover the remaining machines, so keep an eye out for future announcements on Collaboratory instructional videos.

3D Printing Tutorials

Cura Slicing Tutorial

This Tutorial is to help you understand the first steps you take before 3D printing. You will learn about the slicing software Cura and how to prep any 3D model into the software. Slicing software is defined by how a model is built and instructions the 3D printer uses. All the 3D printers at the Collaboratory use Cura.

3D Printing Tutorial

This Tutorial teaches you the basics with setting up a 3D print. This video is the second one in the 3D printing series so if your new with 3D printing I would recommend watching the Cira Slicing tutorial first.

Laser Cutting Tutorial

The Laser Cutting Tutorial aims to provide basic operational knowledge on the laser cutter and prepare images in Adobe Illustrator in the Collaboratory. Please make sure to ask student staff for confirmation before starting the machine and re-watch the video if you’re still unfamiliar with the process.

Craft Machine Tutorials

Sewing Machine Tutorial

This tutorial goes over the basics with how to operate the sewing machine at the Collaboratory. It will help you better understand and familiarize yourself with the various buttons on the sewing machine. Re-watch the video anytime you have forgotten a specific part and or function of the sewing machine.

Cricut Tutorial Part 1

This Cricut tutorial goes into detail on the basics of how to work with Cricut design space. Which is the software used to operate the Cricut machine at the Collaboratory. This series is split into two videos to go in the appropriate detail necessary to go over all the required features of the Cricut machines.

Cricut Tutorial Part 2

CNC Milling Tutorials

CNC Tutorial Part 1

This two part CNC tutorial series goes through the basics of running a CNC mill, while also showing you how to install and operate the CNC software Easel. The CNC mills are very complex and required two videos to adequately go into the right about of detail.

CNC Tutorial Part 2