Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes

Connected Learning Student Outcomes

As a result of involvement in Connected Learning experiences, students will:


  • Prepare for a career or profession through experiential learning
  • Apply theories, concepts, and knowledge to hands-on experiences in community, professional or university settings
  • Gain skills and competencies needed in a specific career or professional field
  • Grow a professional network (discuss career/professional steps with a mentor)
  • Examine challenges and opportunities encountered by professionals or community leaders in applied settings



Find belonging and community

  • Articulate a sense of identity/authentic self and feel comfortable sharing it with others
  • Develop supportive relationships through substantive interactions and collaboration with faculty, staff, peers, and/or community members
  • Develop a sense of connection to UW Bothell and the broader community
  • Develop improved confidence, determination and persistence in the face of challenges



Contribute to a more just and equitable community

  • Practice respect, responsiveness, and compassion
  • Develop or deepen equity-oriented and strength-focused practices when interacting with people and communities that are similar and different from your own
  • Understand diversity and its implications to organizations, teams, individuals, and community to improve communication and collaboration
  • Engage in critical and courageous conversations about race, gender, ability, class, or culture
  • Show evidence of using concepts or a framework that centers equity, access, and inclusion