COIL/ Study Abroad Launch Grants

For UW Bothell Faculty and Staff

In an effort to expand UW Bothell undergraduates’ access to high-impact global learning in curricular areas that currently have limited global learning opportunities, the Office of Connected Learning is offering travel grants for faculty/staff to support the costs of an in-person exploratory visit to a host country destination needed to develop and successfully launch a new global program (study abroad or COIL).

Woman is looking at a brightly colored green sky, the aurora borealis.
Dr. Wanda Gregory during her Fulbright scholarship to Iceland.

2024 Recipients

Travel awards have been selected, May 2024:

  • Dr. Linda Eaton, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Jamie Shirley, Teaching Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, who will develop a new study abroad program to India, Population Health in a Developing Country, in partnership with the Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore.
  • Dr. Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Physics, School of STEM, who will develop two global programs with partners in Spain: a COIL course, BPHYS 493 Research Methods in the International Astronomical Community, and an interdisciplinary study abroad program, The Science and Art of Solar Eclipses, co-led with Dr. David Goldstein, Teaching Professor in the School of IAS, to coincide with the total solar eclipse in August 2026.

About the Award

To visit a host country in order to build relationships and confirm local logistics for a new global program (study abroad or COIL).

Up to $6K per program to cover faculty airfare and per diem. If student-facing staff member(s) are included, up to $10K per program, to cover airfare and per diem. The Office of Connected Learning will support up to two programs per year while funding remains available.


  1. Applicants must be UW Bothell faculty or staff directly involved in developing a new global learning program (study abroad and/or COIL) in an undergraduate curricular area currently lacking degree-focused global opportunities. 
  2. The proposed program or course must fulfill degree requirements for participating UW Bothell students (core courses or electives for specific major(s)). 
  3. For study abroad programs, a completed proposal should be submitted within one academic year of award. For COIL courses, the course should be implemented within one academic year of award.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to proposals that align with the following criteria. It is not expected that all criteria be met.

  1. The proposed program (study abroad and/or COIL):
    • Connects pre-major UW Bothell students with students in their intended major at UW Bothell;
    • Engages with local community based on reciprocal relationships with local partners, e.g. collaboration with local universities and their students, community organizations or businesses;
    • Involves community-engaged learning or research in alignment with undergraduate goal #6, “Application of theory and skills that contribute to the public good through mutually beneficial engagement with community”;
    • Incorporates multiple disciplinary perspectives;
    • Incorporates career connections, e.g. industry visits, targeted skill development.
  2. Actively consult with or directly engage current UWB students to develop program curriculum or specific activities.
  3. Sustainability and longevity of connections with host community, i.e. potential for expanded collaboration in future years.
  4. 25% or greater match by home school/ unit to support travel or other program/course development costs, e.g. faculty stipends or summer salary for course development; stipends for student consultants; cost-sharing of faculty salary during program implementation.

Application Process

Applications were due May 1, 2024. New programs should be implemented 2025-2026. We expect the next application cycle to open in Spring 2025.