We value our partners! Please see a few of our resources to stay connected.

Connected Huskies eNews

The Offices of Connected Learning and Sponsored Research have a monthly eNews curated for faculty, staff, alumni, and partners. Community partners should sign up as we include deadlines for summer solicitation projects to place students for summer internships, CELR course engagement opportunities and deadline information, events that community partners and alumni are invited to, and success stories of our students working with our partners. Subscribe.

*If you were on the CELR Community Partner Newsletter mailing list, that newsletter was merged with this eNews in January 2024, and no action is needed from you.

Connected Huskies Database

We host a Student Opportunities Database that partners can contribute opportunities to. While we don’t list most CELR Classes, if a partner doesn’t get students placed during the quarter, you can have your project or opportunity listed to find students outside of class to work with. Work with Dana and Chaise at to see if your project should be listed.

Submit a Project

We are always looking for projects that provide experiential learning opportunities for students; advancing our student learning outcomes in career connectedness, enhanced belonging, and contributing to a more just and equitable world. Please fill out this form if you have an idea for a project and wish to engage with us. Use this form for:

  • Faculty, staff, or community partners ideas
  • Summer internship opportunities, such as hosting a Digital Scholars student intern
  • If you’re interested in adjusting a course to include a partner integration
  • If you’re a partner and have student learning opportunities available (whether integrated in a class or as extra positions)

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