Preparation and Application Process  

How to become a strong candidate

You have the potential to become a strong candidate, even for the most competitive scholarships! We encourage you to proactively shape your academic and professional profile throughout your college experience by making the most of the resources at UW Bothell.

The following are our recommendations for maximizing your journey at UW Bothell, beginning with your first year:  

  • Enroll in courses that both enrich your academic career and align with your interests
  • Engage in community-engaged experiential learning programs  
  • Explore and apply for study abroad programs
  • Pursue undergraduate research opportunities
  • Establish connections with your advisor, department faculty, and upper-class students
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Gain practical experience through work, internships, and volunteer opportunities
  • Take on leadership roles
  • Make the most of your summers by balancing your professional development and relaxation 

The earlier you immerse yourself in the opportunities mentioned above, the greater the chance to cultivate experiences and qualifications that will make you a highly desirable candidate for any competitive scholarship or award.

Application process

Fellowship applications include several components including a resume, personal statement and letters of recommendation.  


Most scholarships require a resume that highlights your accomplishments and activities. We recommend you keep a detailed record of all potential resume components, and strongly encourage utilizing Career Services to prepare the most impressive resume possible.  

Personal statement

One of the most important aspects of your application is a personal statement. Fellowships and awards are competitive, and a strong personal statement will help you stand out.  

The personal statement’s main purpose is to give you the opportunity to explore your life experiences, your core values, and accomplishments and explain how you intend to leverage the funds to advance your further aspirations. This reflective exploration fosters a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals. As you articulate your motivations and goals, you gain clarity about your path and what you want to achieve. This newfound clarity can extend beyond your personal statement, assisting you in making well-informed choices across various aspects of life.  

We recommend that you make the most of The Writing & Communication Center’s (WaCC) resources. This will enable you to create a compelling and exceptional personal statement that will enhance your application. Also, our office is here to help you write your personal statement. 

Letters of recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are typically a requirement for many fellowships and awards. Scholarships vary in the required number of recommendation letters.

Selection committees want to see the perspectives of others regarding your academic and personal qualities. Your letters of recommendation should offer strong endorsements to enhance your competitiveness as a scholarship applicant. Whoever you approach to write these letters should have a solid understanding of your character and potential. Therefore, the most effective strategy for enhancing your letter of recommendations involves proactive engagement with professors so that they can get to know you.  

Advising appointments

Virtual and in-person advising is available! To schedule an appointment with the Connected Learning Advisor, Ludmilla Kortchak, log into Navigate by clicking the button below and select the Connected Learning unit. Please indicate at least one scholarship, fellowship, or award you would like to discuss.  

Drop-in hours are available at Truly House during the following times:  Monday, 2pm – 4pm and Thursday, 10am – 12pm