Donate to Connected Learning

We are grateful for the donations that allow us to create student programs.

These programs provide valuable career-readiness skills, stipends, scholarships, and the opportunity to find community through hands-on experience. While some of our programs are funded through endowments, others are made possible by generous gifts from businesses and organizations. We also appreciate the support of individuals who contribute during Husky Giving day.

Your gifts make a difference.

2 students smiling holding a sign "Its a great day to be a dawg" Text above: Big hearts, Bigger impact

Husky Giving Day was April 4

On Husky Giving Day, our campus held a “philanthro-party” on the UW Bothell plaza where students were invited to allocate $20,000 across five different campus priorities, using funds donated by members of the Chancellor’s Philanthropy Leadership Council. Each student voted where they wanted the funds to go – Connected Learning came in second place, with $4,600! Watch the video below.

Driving Impact Together!

Make a donation and contribute to your special cause:

Connected Learning Fund

The Connected Learning Fund supports high-impact connected learning experiences at UW Bothell. Activities include, but are not limited to: student cohorts (including Digital Scholars), Global Initiatives, Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates, and Community Engaged Learning & Research.

UW Bothell Endowed Student Support Fund for Connecte…

The UW Bothell Endowed Student Support Fund for Connected Learning provides broad-based support for undergraduate students who are participating in in experiential learning programs at UW Bothell’s Office of Connected Learning, or any successor office, Center or program.

Michael Anderson and Maria Lamarca Anderson Connecte…

The Michael Anderson and Maria Lamarca Anderson Connected Learning Support Fund supports programs at UW Bothell’s Office of Connected Learning that provide equitable and inclusive experiential learning opportunities.

Bothell Founders Endowed Fellowship

Set up by the Founders at UW Bothell, this endowment supports travel conference grants and stipends for students involved in undergraduate research. Examples of funding are the Founders Fellow Summer Research Award and Bothell students that are summer research fellows at the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.

Anna Bui World of Hope Scholarship

The Anna Bui World of Hope Scholarship provides financial assistance to UW Bothell students who wish to participate in high-impact learning experiences, such as travel abroad.

Leslie Ashbaugh Memorial Student Support Fund

The Leslie Ashbaugh Memorial Student Support Fund supports UW Bothell student activities and emergency needs including, but not limited to; short term assistance for emergency situations and access to high impact opportunities.

Programs supported by donations

  • Digital Scholars cohort – students enroll in a 3-quarter program to learn digital skills. After completing an internship with a community partner, they receive a $3,000 stipend. Other donations fund faculty and staff support, cohort community building events, speaker fees, and more.
  • The Founders Fellows Endowment – This endowment supports Bothell students travel awards to present at conferences under UW Conference Award. In 2023, it supported five students with summer stipends of $3,000 for summer research: two as Founders Fellows Summer Research Award and three as Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM) Fellows.
  • Donations to travel-focused budgets, like the Anna Bui and the Leslie Ashbaugh funds, support student study abroad programs.
  • Scaling student cohorts: we are currently working on a new cohort focused in health and life sciences for 2025.