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Financing Study Abroad

Studying abroad does not have to break your budget. With advance planning, financial aid and scholarships, most students can afford to incorporate an international experience into their university education.


The cost of studying abroad varies greatly depending on the type and location of the program you choose. In general, study abroad costs include:

  • Program tuition and fees
  • Airfare
  • UW study abroad fee
  • International living expenses
  • Passport and visa costs
  • International travel insurance (required for all UW students traveling abroad) and health costs

Here is a sample cost comparison of studying abroad in London vs. studying at UWB during Spring Quarter 2017.  You can use the Expense Planning Worksheet to compare the costs of different programs.

Financial Aid

All UW faculty-led astudy abroad programs and many options through study abroad partners are eligible for financial aid. Any federal, state, or institutional financial aid can be applied towards study abroad costs. In addition, short-term loans are a helpful tool in covering up-front expenses, such as airfare. Tuition waivers or work-study awards do not apply.

Financial Aid Revision Request

In some instances you may qualify for an increase in your financial aid award (typically in loan funds) because the cost of participating in an approved study abroad program is higher than the regular cost of attendance at UW Bothell. To request a revision in your aid, submit the following paperwork to the Financial Aid Office once you are accepted and committed to a specific study abroad program:

  1. Revision Request for Study Abroad Form: Go to the Revision Requests section of the page and click on the form for study abroad.
  2. Official budget for your program: Print a PDF of the program budget from your program brochure webpage on the UW Study Abroad website. For UWB-managed programs, a budget will be emailed to you.


Scholarships are another financial tool that can help you cover study abroad expenses. Plan to apply for scholarships one to two quarters in advance of your study abroad experience.

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