Exploratory Courses

Spring 2024 Course Offerings

Consider these courses when building your schedule to further explore health and healthcare as a field of study and vocation.

Consult with your Academic Advisor when registering for courses to ensure your progress toward the completion of degree requirements.

T 11:00am-1:00pm | Hybrid/UW1-051 | SLN: 11164 | MyPlan

Provides an introduction to the principle of public health with exploration of the frameworks, tools, and evidence base that guides disease prevention and health promotion efforts. Consideration given to ethical and public policy issues important to ensuring the fair distribution of resources.

W 3:30-5:20pm | HST T733 (Seattle campus) | SLN: 18276 | MyPlan

NOTE: Seattle course which requires cross-campus enrollment

Future-oriented overview of important concepts in dental science, contemporary modes of patient treatment, and dental-care delivery systems. Provides exposure to dentistry as a career and prerequisite materials in oral anatomy, epidemiology, and other basic sciences subjects. Open to all second-, third, and fourth-year undergraduate students.