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The role of faculty and staff in supporting student career development

Faculty and staff are uniquely positioned to support students in their career development journeys. While coursework, on-campus activities, and experiential learning opportunities are helping students develop important skills they will use in their future careers, students don’t always recognize the career-relevance of these skills or know how to translate them to a professional setting. Faculty and staff can help students connect the skills they are developing to those they’ll need to achieve their goals after graduation.

Supporting student career development doesn’t require a big lift from faculty and staff. It can be as simple as encouraging students to have career conversations, having them format assignments as policy briefs or memos, or guiding them to reflect on skills developed through projects. Small nudges can help students start thinking earlier about how to achieve their post-graduate goals.

Faculty and staff consultation support services

We value our partnerships with faculty and staff as we work together to provide an enriched educational experience for UWB students. Our programs are based on the philosophy that career development is a lifelong process, and we strive to assert the value of an early and continued connection with Career Services. We are invested in partnering with faculty and staff campus-wide to help students navigate choosing a major, developing lifelong skills and identifying careers.

“Our students face a complex, demanding world when they leave the UW. They need intellectually challenging majors, and they need broad skills to translate that knowledge into the workplace. We need to help them make that vital connection – between their learning here and the demands of careers and the opportunities of life. This is our goal – indeed, as a public university, it is our responsibility.” Ana Mari Cauce, President University of Washington

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Career Services

Career Services mission

Career Services engages with the UW Bothell community to empower Huskies to explore career interests, build skills, and connect with the employment community and experiential learning opportunities.

We offer coaching, advice, guidance, recommendations, and resources to all students. Services include:

Career consultation and support services

There are many ways to support students’ career development.  We’ve identified a number of strategies that we can consult with you on to customize to your coursework. These include:

Learn more about these options on our career consultation support services webpage.

Additional resources

We recognize that you often find yourself serving in an employer-facing role, writing letters of recommendation or providing references. 

Employment Services

We look forward to partnering with you on student success.