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The decision to pursue a career in the healthcare field takes careful consideration and reflection on your personal skills and interests. Assess the demands of the field – both academic and experiential – and have a clear understanding of the training involved so that you can make the most informed decision about your Pre-Health Journey. Get involved in a healthcare setting and see firsthand what the field is about and work to understand the population you will be serving. Consult with advisors, career coaches, health professionals, professors, family and friends to assess your strengths and their match within healthcare.


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ExploreHealthCareers.org is a collaboration between today’s health professionals and leading health care associations. You will find the latest health career information and tools to guide you as you prepare for a future in health care. This site can help you define if a health career is right for you; compare different health careers and salaries; and explore types of health careers based on the amount of schooling required.

Health Professions Week offers fun, interactive ways to explore careers in health! Download the interactive Scavenger Hunt game to learn more about health professions and collect tickets to complete the game. They also provide Virtual Field Trips for all the fun of a campus visit without leaving home!

Pre-Health at the UW provides a wealth of information. Though programs, courses, and student organizations are specific to the Seattle campus, some of these may be open to Bothell students. Either way, the information is rich and it’s a great site to explore when considering your alignment with a career in healthcare.

EduMed’s virtual guide books on “How to Become a Medical & Healthcare Professional” help match your skills & interests to a medical career and learn what’s needed to get started.

UW Bothell Career Services offers help with cover letter and resume review. Career Coaches, including our Natural Science & Pre-Health Professional Pathways Advisor can meet with you to discuss your skills & interests and how they might align with a career in healthcare.

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