Career Content Videos

Resumes & cover letters

A guide on writing a cover letter
An overview on resumes
Tailoring a resume to the employer
An overview on using bullet-points to describe experience in your resume
An overview of technical resumes
An overview on resumes for international students

Job & internship search strategies

An overview on creating a Handshake profile
An overview of job & internship search strategies
An overview of work authorization & job/internship search strategies for international students


An overview of preparing for an interview
An overview of best practices for virtual interviewing
An overview of interview strategies for international students

Building connections and networking

An overview of using LinkedIn to meet people for career conversations
An overview of creating a LinkedIn profile
An overview of preparing for a career fair
An overview of preparing for a career fair as an international student
Making Virtual Connections: Engaging Employers & Colleagues Online

Majors and career exploration

Meta-Major Pathways: Arts & Media
Meta-Major Pathways: Business & Policy
Meta-Major Pathways: Education & Society
Meta-Major Pathways: Natural Science & Pre-Health
Meta-Major Pathways: Tech & Engineering

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