Elevator speeches

Create your elevator speech

What is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech is a 30-second personal introduction. This gives you an opportunity to provide everyone you come in contact with the most important information about you.

What information should I include?

Your college, major and your academic interests as well as your area of interest and what type of career you are looking for.


Hi my name is Rania and I am a Global Studies student at UW Bothell. I am in my junior year and looking for an internship in a non-profit that does work in Africa or South America. Last summer, I worked for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and I hope to join the Peace Corps after graduation.

Rania has given an introduction to who they are and what they are looking for; the primary goal is to start a conversation that leads to a connection with that person or someone they know.

A video guide to building your elevator pitch