Accessing UWB Fileservers for Mac

This guide is primarily focused on accessing the UW Bothell fileservers on Mac computers. For instructions on Windows please see Accessing UWB Fileservers for Windows.

You will need a UWB Access Account or a UW NetID to access the UW Bothell fileservers.

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Off-Campus Access

To access the UW Bothell fileservers from non-UW networks (off-campus), Husky OnNet needs to be installed and connected on your computer. You will then be able to access the UW Bothell fileservers using the access method shown later in this document. For more information about Husky OnNet please visit the page below.

 f5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager logo      Husky OnNet Information

Quick Access

Use from UW Networks or after you are connected to the UW Network through Husky OnNet.

  1. On the Finder menu, click Go and then Connect to Server

  2. The two shares that you will need most are Departments and Faculty-Staff. 

    The Departmental Share will hold files that are used by individual departments. You can reach this directly by entering smb:// in the Server Address field.
    To directly access your department, add your department name to the end of the path.

    The Faculty-Staff share will hold your individual files that are not accessible by your department. If you click on the Faculty-Staff share, you should see a Home directory. Your individual directory should be inside this directory. You can reach this directly by entering smb:// in the Server Address field. To directly access your individual storage, add your username to the end of the path.

    You may also want to click the plus (+) button to save your shares to the "Favorite Servers" list. Click Connect to open the shared folder you selected.

    MacOS Connect to Server window
  3. You should now be required to authenticate. Use the account that has been granted access to the files.  

    If your UW Bothell Access Account has been granted access,
    enter your uwb\username in the Name field and your UWB password in the Password field

    If your UW NetID has been granted access, use netid\username in the Name field and enter your NetID password in the Password field.
  4. Click Connect.

    MacOS Connect to Server window
  5. If you enabled "Connected servers" in the "Show these items in the desktop:" in Finder Preferences, upon successfully connecting, you should see the shared drive(s) that you are connected to on the Desktop. 

    MacOS see mounted drives

    If you enabled the "Connected servers" option in the sidebar, you will see them listed in the Finder window.

    MacOS Finder sidebar showing connected servers


If you have issues connecting from an off-campus location, check Husky OnNet to make sure that it is still working.

If you still havimg issues with Husky OnNet, please contact UW IT.

Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact UW Bothell Information Technologies:

Call the IT Helpdesk at 425.352.3456
Email the IT Helpdesk at
Visit the IT Helpdesk in LB2-218 (Map)


Last Modified: 02/22/2017