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Saving Print Code for UWB Mac

How to save a print code for a Ricoh printer using a UWB Mac.

  1. After your computer has finished updating, open up a new document in Microsoft Office. Type the words “TEST” into the document. Then go to file, print but don’t actually print the document just yet.

  1. Make sure you have your printer selected. Click on “Copies & Pages” and a drop down menu will appear. Select “Job Log”.

  1. After Selecting Job Log, the window below will pop up.

  1. Click the box next to “Enable User Code”. This will allow you to then enter your print code into the field titled “User Code”.

  1. After entering in the print code, go up to “Presets:” and click on the “Default Settings.” This will present a drop down menu. In that drop down menu select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”

  1. You can name your preset to whatever you’d like (we suggest "Print Code"). The advantage of saving this preset (with the print code) is that you will not have to keep reselecting the option of having the user code enabled.

  1. After you have named your preset, click “OK” and then “Print.”

After you have completed steps 1-7, please go check to see if your test page printed successfully.  If you are still unable to print, please contact the IT Helpdesk.