Internship position descriptions

Though similar in many ways to job descriptions, internship position descriptions have unique attributes that help establish a focus on intern learning and ensure that intern and employer have shared expectations.

Standard sections

Similar to job descriptions:

  • Sell your organization – Make candidates excited about what your organization does. Mention why your organization matters, what makes it special, and why readers should intern there.
  • Describe the role – Tell potential interns how they will be contributing to your organization – projects they’ll work on, teams they’ll be a part of, tasks they’ll be handling, etc.
  • List requirements – What skills, characteristics, and interests would make a successful intern? Mention whether they’re required or just desired.
  • Application instructions – What do applicants need to submit, how, and by when?
  • Compensation – How much will interns be paid?

Section on expected learning

Describe what interns will learn:

  • Though interns are eager to make a contribution to your organization, they’re also curious as to what they’ll gain from the experience.
  • Including a learning section helps interns know you are committed to their learning and success.

Sample section titles:

  • What you will learn
  • Interns will develop skills in
  • You will gain experience in
  • How you will benefit

Desired learning prompt

Ask interns to reflect:

  • Ask interns to include a few ideas about what they’d like to learn in their cover letter.
  • This helps interns develop a habit of reflection and also helps ensure a good match.

Logistical expectations

Be clear about:

  • Internship start and end date
  • Expected hours per week
  • Location of internship site