MBA Association (MBAA)

Students sitting talking to peers

Expanding the Learning Experience

The mission of the MBA Association is to enhance the student experience by providing a platform to learn from experienced professionals and connect with students, alumni, and community leaders.


  1. Lead with Courage
  2. Take Initiative
  3. Strong Communication
  4. Strive for Excellence 
  5. Grow MBAA as a community organization for the School of Business
  6. Build trust
  7. Inspire the future generation of leaders


  1. Take MBAA to the next level.
  2. Create a community of students, alumni, Board Members, Pacific Northwest (PNW) professional associations, executives, and prospective students.
  3. Bring opportunities to the School of Business.
  4. Stay connected, being active in the program, helping each other reach goals.

PNW Conference

The flagship event led by the MBA Association is the annual Pacific Northwest MBA Conference. The Pacific Northwest MBA Conference seeks to become the premiere MBA networking and empowerment event. Participants will hear from subject matter experts and industry luminaries in the areas of leadership, corporate social responsibility, finance, operations, strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship and more. Ample opportunity will be provided for MBA candidates to network with recruiters and current business executives.