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A focus on business value for the busy leader

The Eastside Mini-MBA is a pioneering executive certificate program that enables leaders, managers and professionals to grow their fundamental business acumen, manage people and projects, and deliver sustainable business value. Offered in collaboration with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, this program is focused on developing the next generation of inspirational business leaders in the Eastside community.

Key program features:

  • Essential MBA learning
  • Flexible schedule
  • Affordable cost
  • Networking with local business leaders
  • Live online instruction and engagement



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12 core areas of Mini-MBA learning

Participants experience a broad study across 12 courses designed specifically for this program:

Business Strategy

Learn how to identify and make meaningful decisions that deal with complex business challenges.


Learn key principles and methods in leading yourself, your team, and your organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Learn to lead people effectively with an inclusive mindset as the approach and priority.

Digital Transformation

Learn how to prepare your organization for implementation of technology and analytics.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Learn how to extract, analyze, and report on financial data and statements.

Global Business

Learn how to think in a global context for conducting business.

Business Ethics

Learn essential elements of rights, justice, and virtue in ethical decision making.


Learn key aspects persuasion, positioning, and growth.

Technology Management

Learn key aspects of managing technological innovation, information, and technical teams.

Operations Management

Learn key aspects of managing the supply chain, inventory, facilities, quality control, and training.

Project Management

Learn essentials in managing scope and schedule, mitigating risk, and planning communications.


Learn to build trust, bargain, and resolve issues with key negotiating skills.

Capstone Project

Apply what you learn from this program in a community centered capstone project.



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Designed for the active professional

If you are an executive, manager, or professional that has not completed an MBA or wants to gain a fresh perspective on finding and creating buisiness value, this program is for you. Board members, employees seeking leadership roles, and consultants are also encouraged to join, as this program provides essential key learning across a spectrum of business skills and challenges.

This executive certificate program caters to the working professional with online-only instruction, a flexible schedule, and a variety of learning techniques that engage participants to apply real-world experience.


Total time commitment is 50 hours across 10 weeks of 2- and 3-hour online live sessions on Monday evenings, 5:00-8:00 PM (Pacific Time).  Additional mentoring and networking opportunities are optional.

100% Online

This program features entirely online live instruction with a strong commitment to educational excellence.

Live sessions

This program is provided with live online instruction and engagement with faculty, so participation in the scheduled sessions in vital for success.  Sessions will be recorded for make-up in rare situations.

Learning tools

Case studies, mini-projects, panel discussions, interactive tool introductions, mentoring, and a capstone project.


Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive an Eastside Mini-MBA executive certificate from the University of Washington Bothell School of Business, co-signed by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.


Participants join a community of transformational excellence and gain opportunity to network with local  leaders.

Transferrable credit

Graduates may use learning and capstone project to help fulfill requirements of self-study credits when entering the UW Bothell MBA program.  Completion of this program does not guarantee admission to MBA program.

Key dates

  • February 10, 2023 - Priority application deadline
  • February 28, 2023 - Final application deadline
  • March 17, 2023 - Registration and payment due
  • March 27, 2023 - First day of instruction
  • July 31, 2023 - Program completion



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Learning with a purpose

This learning experience is unprecedented in the Pacific Northwest. It has been specifically designed for experienced, active professionals that have not completed an MBA or those that would like to refresh their business-centric mindfulness and strategic capabilities. Through this program, and using their existing institutional knowledge, participants will gain valuable insight to become part of existing solutions and to drive growth and innovation in their organization.


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Admission details

Application deadline

Priority application deadline is February 10, 2023. Applications will be accepted no later than February 28, 2023. Admission decisions will be communicated by March 3, 2022.

Admission fees

If your employer is a member of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, you qualify for a special member rate.


Standard Program Rate

Program fee: $5,000

Non-refundable deposit & registration fee: $555 ($500 counts toward program fee)

Application fee: NONE

TOTAL COST: $5,055




Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Member Rate

Program fee: $4,500 (member only rate)

Non-refundable deposit & registration fee: $555 ($500 counts toward program fee)

Application fee: NONE

TOTAL COST: $4,555



Understanding the fees

Applying to the program is free.

The program fee covers all tuition and materials within this program. The registration fee covers registration processing, as well as UW student access and resources, including a UW NetID. Payment is due in full by March 17, 2023 (before start of program instruction).

Refunds will not be granted after April 3, 2023.

What you need to apply

Professional work experience
A working knowledge of your business and industry.

All education levels are welcome. A bachelor's degree or equivalent is recommended.

What to expect on the application

On the application, you will need to provide information about your education and current (or most recent) employer. You will also need to answer the following:

  1. Describe what you wish to learn as a result of participating in this program.
  2. How will this program help you become an inspiring business leader?

Admission acceptance

Applicants that are accepted to the program will receive additional program details and instructions on registration, as well as notification of admissions decision, via the specified email address.


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Contact us for assistance or more information

If you would like more information before applying or need assistance with your application, please email us at uwbexec@uw.edu.