Donor Excellence Scholarship

Business scholarships to support current and intended Business students

Funds from the Donor Excellence Scholarship provide tuition-based financial assistance to undergraduate students admitted and enrolled as Business majors or pre-majors at the University of Washington Bothell. This  scholarship  was created by our generous donors with the intention and priority to reward undergraduate Business students who demonstrate a professional effort toward good academic standing, exhibit leadership, aspire to careers in business, and have financial need.

We offer the scholarship in fall, winter, and spring quarters. The scholarship does not automatically renew for another quarter. However, students may apply every quarter, even if they already received a scholarship in a previous quarter(s).


Up to $1,500* per student for the current academic year

*The disbursement timeline and award amount is determined by financial aid status


  • Open to current Business majors, Direct, First-Year Admit (DFA) students, and pre-major students intending to apply to the Business major.
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credits during the quarter that the application is submitted.


Quarter Spring 2024
Application deadlineApril 14, 2024
Award notification dateMay 3, 2024

How to apply

To apply, please complete the Google form at the link below, and have the following items available for upload:

  1. A headshot of yourself (only include a headshot if you grant us permission to use your picture for presentation)
  2. 250-500-word response to each of these questions:
    1. Reflect on a Business course group project or related Business learning experience where you worked with a team (such as in an internship, study abroad course, student club activity, etc.). How did you inspire team members to achieve project goals? What did you learn from this experience?
    2. How do you intend to apply your learning from one or more business courses to make a positive contribution to others in your community (e.g., the UW Bothell community, the region or communities you’re part of, etc.)?
    3. What is your financial need and how will receiving this scholarship assist with your financial situation? Examples of ways to answer this question could include how factors within your life make it difficult to obtain funding, or what responsibilities in your life create financial challenges.

NOTE: You must be signed into your UW Google account before accessing the application form.