Student testimonials

How has going through the UW Bothell experience made you a better accounting professional?

I entered this program as a student who wanted to earn the most painless Master’s degree in the least amount of time for the least amount of money. I left the program a well-rounded accountant prepared to embark on a promising professional career.

The professors are eager to share their unique way of thinking about accounting and its intricacies, guiding students through concepts and coursework to prepare them for the future.

Laura Becker, Class of 2015

How has the UW Bothell MSA program changed your understanding of accounting?

When I studied accounting at undergraduate level, my understanding for accounting is that it is all about numbers, math and rule of law. After I started my study in the MSA program, I gained the understanding that accounting is not only about numbers, math and rule of laws, but also relates to critical thinking and making the right judgment.

This program brought a whole new world to my understanding of accounting. I am glad that I chose to study this program. Therefore, the UW Bothell MSA program does bring me into a whole new field in accounting and I love this approach.

Yiya You, Class of 2017

How would you describe your experience in the Master of Science in Accounting program at UW Bothell?

I earned my Master’s in Accounting from the University of Washington – Bothell campus in 2017. I was enrolled as a part-time student from September 2015 through June 2017. UWB allowed me to adapt the program to fit my time constraints as a single mom who worked a full-time job and completed school work at night.

There are a few experiences that stand out in my education as pivotal moments in terms of higher levels of learning and application. The first experience was in the Consulting course in which I participated for two quarters: through this course, I was expected to directly work for a large corporation, my group focused on Starbucks, where we fully analyzed a key issue brought to our attention and created implementation guidelines for how to correct the problem set out to us. Throughout this course, we were held to a much higher level than a regular class, because the work we were doing would be put to use in actual Starbucks stores, this was not just a classroom assignment, but a real job we were working on! Throughout the entire process, we were expected to collaborate with not only our group members, but the professors and the client.

Another experience that stands out for me was very recently, this last spring quarter 2017, in my Forensic Accounting class taught by Professor Doogar. The forensic case we were working on was a live case happening in King County, which added to all students’ enthusiasm and dedication to this class. Throughout the two classes of consulting and forensic accounting, the added work we were required to do was curbed by everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication to the course. These classes were vastly different from the regular classes we had throughout the MSA program – we were able to put into practice the methods and teachings we had been working on throughout the MSA program.

The MSA program has changed how I approach situations and think about various scenarios, I use my knowledge and experience daily, and I would highly recommend the MSA program at UW – Bothell, the professors are all extremely helpful and enthusiastic about the accounting world!

Emme Warsinske, Class of 2017