Retail Management Concentration

Why study Retailing?

The Retail Management Concentration provides a solid foundation of theory important to the retail management discipline. Specifically, students will acquire an interdisciplinary knowledge of merchandise acquisition, strategic retail promotion, retail operations and supply chain management. They will also gain an understanding of cutting edge uses of technology in retail management and gain the mindset necessary to find and apply new applications for technologies in the retail context as these new technologies emerge.

Retail Management faculty


Twenty credits in 400-level Retail Management courses are required to complete the Retail Management Concentration.


  • BBUS 300 – Organizational Behavior, Ethics and Inclusivity (DIV) is a prerequisite to all other courses in the concentration.
  • BBUS 320 – Marketing Management is a prerequisite to BBUS 446 – Strategic Retail Promotion.

Required courses

  • BBUS 445 – Merchandise Acquisition
  • BBUS 446 – Strategic Retail Promotion
  • BBUS 447 – Retail Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • BBUS 448 – Retail Technology and Leadership. This course is meant to be a culminating experience and requires completion of BBUS 445–447.