Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration

Why Study Management Information Systems?

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration provides students with technical and business skills to solve business problems in technology-based environments. Students learn to analyze and design effective information systems, successfully manage software projects and maximize online customer experiences. The concentration was developed in collaboration with Computing and Software Systems faculty and included suggestions by an industry advisory board. Students in the MIS Concentration take courses in both the Business degree program and the CSS program.

MIS faculty


Twenty-five credits in 300 and 400-level courses are required for the MIS Concentration, including four required courses and one elective course (five credits each).


A lower-division college programming course or equivalent (other than web programming) is a prerequisite for CSS 173 or CSS 143 and CSS 360.

Required courses

  • BBUS 330 – Information Management and Analysis
  • CSS 173 – Fundamentals of Programming Theory and Applications or CSS 143 – Computer Programming II
  • CSS 360 – Software Engineering
  • BBUS 489 – Digital Business Lab (capstone course)

Elective courses

Minimum of one required.

  • BBUS 431 – Electronic Marketing
  • BBUS 443 – Entrepreneurship Seminar
  • BBUS 444 – Product Development Lab
  • BBUS 479 – Special Topics in Management (when approved for concentration)
  • BBUS 491 – Business Consulting
  • CSS 371 – Business of Computing
  • CSS 475 – Databases
  • CSS 478 – Usability and User-Centered Design
  • CSS 480 – Principles of Human Computer Interaction

Other electives may also be selected depending on appropriateness and availability.