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Program title for Business Analytics and Digital Tranformation certification

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Executive Certificate in
Digital Transformation and Business Analytics

Program overview

Propelled by the upsurge in the use of business analytics and machine learning, the future of business is marching toward a digital frontier at a rapid pace. Organizations around the world and across a wide range of industry sectors are grappling with the challenge of (re)training their workforce and embracing the new paradigm.

This executive certificate program enables leaders, managers, and professionals to understand the implications of applying analytics to their business decisions. Through this intensive course, participants will learn how to identify the impact of applied data, create a foundation to implement emerging technologies, mitigate associated risk, and manage the organizational transformation.

Participants in this program are engaged by a team of award-winning professors who will use active learning methods through projects and case studies, as well as cutting edge tools. Instruction is paired with significant industry involvement through panel discussions, mentorship, collaboration in interactive learning, and a capstone project.

Who this program is for

If you are a executive, manager, or professional from an industry facing the impacts of a fast-changing digital world, this program is for you. Board members, employees seeking leadership roles, and consultants are also encouraged to join, as this program provides vital instruction on how to implement, manage, and assess the role of analytics in business.

What you should know

We encourage you to learn more about this program that has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of organizations facing the digital era. Explore the six core areas of study, purpose of the program, and program structure to understand the benefits, get to know the award-winning program faculty that is guiding the instruction, and collect all the important details you need to get involved. When you are ready, apply for admission to the program.

If you have any additional questions, need more information, or need assistance, please email us at uwbexec@uw.edu.


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