Accessing UWB Fileservers

This guide is primarily focused on accessing the UWB Fileservers from Windows. For instructions for Mac please see Accessing UWB Fileservers for Mac.

Access to the fileservers can be granted to either UW NetID accounts, or UWB Access Accounts.

For further assistance, please contact the UWB Helpdesk (

Off-Campus Access

To access the UWB Fileservers from non-UW networks (off-campus) Husky OnNet needs to be installed and activated on your computer. You will then be able to access the UWB Fileservers using either the quick access method or map a network drive method shown later in this document. For more information about Husky OnNet please visit the page below.

Husky OnNet Information Page


Quick Access

These instructions allow quick access to the UWB Fileservers without mapping a network drive.

Either press the combination (Windows Key and 'R' at the same time), or click on the Windows button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Then, type in "\\\Departments" and press enter.

How to Map a Departmental Network Drive

Before mapping a network drive, please know for which account (UW NetID or UWB Access Account) access rights were granted.

Open Windows Explorer by clicking your “Computer” icon, either from the Desktop or the Start Menu. Click the “Map network drive” button.


The “Map Network Drive” dialogue window will appear. Select the drive letter that you would like to use, and enter the location that you would like to access.

For departments, please enter: "\\\departments"

If you are logging into your computer with an account different from the one that was granted access rights, select the "Connect using different credentials" box.


Click the “Finish” button.  You may see a Windows Security dialogue window prompting you for credentials.

If access rights were granted for your UWB Access Account:

Enter your UWB Access Account username followed by, and the associated password.

If access rights were granted for your NetID Account:

Enter in your NetID username followed by @netid, and the associated password.


You should now be able to see the network drives that you have just mapped by clicking on "my computer".

Did You Know?

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