Google Sites and Files Archiving

Google Sites and Files Archiving for Existing G Suites Content

Content on this page addresses archival processes so you can save ePortfolio(s) and files in your UW G Suite account. This process is important because once you graduate and leave UW Bothell, you will lose access to G Suites on the tenth day of the second quarter after you are no longer enrolled.

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Google Drive Content

Follow these directions to download and save content from your UW Google Drive. Keep in mind:

  • Wired internet connection is recommended for faster file download.

  • The process may result into one split downloads into separate compressed “zipped” files of up to 2 GB each.

  • Once the download(s) is/are complete, files can be uncompressed (or unzipped), merged and moved to a chosen storage location.

  • For full instructions how to back up and save everything in your UW G Suite data (emails, files, sites, history, etc.), go to Google Account Help > Download Your Data website.

How to save files stored in UW Google Drive

  1. Move all the content you wish to keep to one folder in Google Drive
    • Create a new folder by selecting the New button and then the Folder option

  2. Drag folders and files onto this newly-created folder

  3. Right-click (or Control+click on MacOS) on folder and select Download to save onto computer

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Classic Vs. New Google Sites

Google announced the New Google Sites release and it became available to UW G Suites in 2017. This release also started the deprecation (no longer supported tool to be retired) of Classic Google Sites.

When you log in with your UW account and go to Sites in the G Suite of tools, you should see the Classic Google Sites listed. The following instructions will assist you to recognize if you are in the Classic or the New Google Sites,

In the Classic Google Sites, a link to the New Google Sites will be listed on the navigation menu on the left of the page.

If you log in and see tiles of your ePortfolios and the three parallel line icon, also called the Hamburger icon to signify the page menu, next to a Sites blue icon, then you are in the New Google Sites interface.

Classic Google Sites ePortfolios need to be converted to the New Google Sites format before you can continue the archival/saving process. If your ePortfolio is already a New Google Site, then skip to the Share New Google Site ePortfolio section.

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Convert ePortfolio

Follow these steps to convert your ePortfolio from the Classic to the New Google Sites interface:

  1. Go to Settings (the gear icon) then select Manage Site from the Settings menu
  2. On the next screen, select the Review Draft button to finish site conversion

Share ePortfolio

After converting the Classic Google Site ePortfolio to the New Sites format, you will be able to share the ePortfolio with your personal Gmail account.

  1. After the conversion is complete, you will see the converted ePortfolio

  2. Add your own personal Gmail account as editor to the ePortfolio
  3. Select the Share button on the top of the page, add your personal Gmail account as an editor and click on the Send button.

  4. A message may appear to confirm you are sharing the site with an account outside UW. Select Yes to confirm.

  5. Select the Done button to finish the process

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Duplicate ePortfolio

At this point, the ePortfolio is only shared with you. You still need to duplicate it so your personal account will own a copy of the eportfolio. This will ensure that when you lose access to your UW account, the ePortfolios will remain accessible to you.

  1. Log into your personal Gmail account

  2. Go to and log in with your personal Gmail account

  3. Check to make sure it is under your personal account and not UW by moving cursor over account icon on upper right of page. If you have issues due to being logged into more than one account, open in an incognito window (Chrome) or private window (Firefox)

  4. Open shared UW ePortfolio

  5. Under the 3-vertical dot More menu, select Duplicate to make a copy of the ePortfolio, then select OK on the next window to finish the copy process. This action will automatically make you an owner of the copy.

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