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UW Zoom Video Conferencing Service

Use UW Zoom to participate in group video chat during online class sessions, host virtual office hours, collaborate remotely on research, share screens and host real-time video conversations, host live web broadcasts to thousands of people worldwide and record to the cloud or computer for easy sharing. This service is provided by UW-IT and you can find more specific serivice information on the IT Connect website regarding UW Zoom.

Mandatory Zoom Update Deadline is May 30, 2020

Zoom has released a new mandatory version update (Zoom version 5.0) in their continued efforts to increase security. Beginning May 30, 2020, anyone not upgraded to the new version will not be able to join any meeting. In order to minimize disruption, you will need to install the new version of Zoom on your computer.

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About Zoom Version 5.0

Zoom version 5.0 includes several new security features and AES 256-bit GCM encryption, providing increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. Click here to learn more about Zoom version 5.0.

Who can use this service?

UW Zoom is now free to current students, staff, and faculty. Just login with your UW NetID to start using UW Zoom.

How do I access UW Zoom?

Getting started with UW Zoom

Important Reminder:

Please hold all live class sessions during normal class time. Instructors should not schedule live class sessions outside of the time that class would normally meet.


Training & Online Help:

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