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Printing Services

Printing services

This page will serve as the central hub for printing services as UWB IT is now in charge of printer acquisition and management. Below, processes are outline for purchasing a new printer, as well as other related questions 

If you have any questions at any time regarding the printer acquisition process, please feel free to contact the UW Bothell Information Technologies Helpdesk at 425-352-3456 or at uwbit@uw.edu.

Overview of the Purchasing Process

Acquiring a copier involves the following departments:

  • UWB IT: for ordering, approving, delivering, configuring copy codes, and operations for all copiers. Rather than dealing with the copy company yourself, UWB IT will serve as your direct contact through this process. 
  • Ricoh/UW Managed Print Service (MPS):  They are the preferred vendor for the UW campus as UW has a long standing contract with Ricoh. Orders are placed through MPS to Ricoh. 
  • UWB Fiscal and Audit Services: Periodic copy billing based on usage. Processing final billing for replacement copiers.

Outline for acquiring a new copier on campus:

  1. Complete the web form. Do not submit a webform request unless your department dean or administrator has fully approved a new copier for your area.  
  2. Based on the webform information, UWB IT will set up an on-site visit to gather important details on what type of copier might be needed and whether or not an installation at the proposed site is viable. You or the department administrator, a sales representative from Ricoh, a representative from facilities, and a technician from UWB IT will meet at your area and review what type of copier (copier size, black and white or color, etc) might be appropriate.  This is a good opportunity to discuss any delivery details, answer questions on the copier procedures.
  3. Ricoh submits an assessment and recommends a particular copier/printer for your area to UWB IT.
  4. UWB IT Director of Operations gives final approval for a copier based on all factors present.
  5. A UWB IT representative orders the copier through the UW Managed Print Service (MPS) system and contacts you with an update on the delivery process. Note that your UWB IT representative serves as the sole contact between all the various entities involved--your department, Ricoh, MPS, and Fiscal and Audit Services (to set up billing). Fiscal and Audit Services may contact you directly to confirm the users of the new machine and to update and/or set up copy codes.
  6. When the copier arrives, the new copier will not be set up and the old copier(s) removed until the new machine can be configured immediately. Note that the Ricoh deliverer has only a limited role in set-up and configuring the copier. Configuration will be completed by UWB IT. 
  7. Training for the new copiers will be available to you on a request basis. If you would like to request training for the new copier, please send an email to uwbit@uw.edu
  8. UWB IT will contact you within two (2) months after the printer is functioning to ensure that your needs are being met and that you are fully satisfied with your printer purchase. 

If you would like to see a visual representation of this process, click here to download a PDF flowchart.


  1. Once the Printer Request Form has been submitted UWB IT will respond within three (3) Business days.
  2. An assessment will be conducted within one (1) business week of the initial response from UWB IT.
  3. Approval will be obtained as soon as possible once the assessment has been conducted.
  4. Once approval has been obtained the order will be submitted to Ricoh as soon as possible.
  5. Ricoh will fulfill the order and deliver the printer within four (4) weeks.
  6. Once UWB IT gets the official delivery date, UWB IT will work with the customer to determine if that date will work or if an alternate date needs to be set.
  7. Once the Ricoh printer has arrived and has been deployed it will take at least two (2) days for setup. It is possible it may take (3) days if this printer is replacing another printer, as F&A must do a final meter read of the printer. 


If you would like to purchase a printer, please complete the webform that is found at this link. You will be contacted within three (3) days of submission to begin the purchasing process. 

Non-UWB IT Purchased Printers

UWB IT does not provide support for non-UWB purchased printers. If you are considering purchasing a printer, please contact UWB IT at uwbit@uw.edu to discuss your printer options. 

User Code Information

User Codes are required for all Ricoh printers and are issued by Fiscal and Audit Services (FAS).  Those requesting a user code must have budget authority.  Check with your school or department management to obtain a user code. Request for user code additions or removals can be done by filling out this form and sent to  Fiscal and Audit Services, at uwbfisc@uw.edu.

Replacement Toner Information 

If your Ricoh printer is running low on toner, please contact UWB Mail Services at 425-352-5491 or at uwbmail@uw.edu.

Paper Information

If your Ricoh printer is running low on paper, please contact UWB Mail Services at 425-352-5491 or at uwbmail@uw.edu.

How to add a printer to your computer

If you require assistance adding a printer to your computer, click this link to view a tutorial on adding a network printer. If these steps do not help, please call the IT helpdesk at 425-352-3456 or email us at uwbit@uw.edu