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Circulating Equipment Terms of Use Agreement

Before anyone is authorized to utilize the circulating equipment service, they must sign and submit a digital Terms of Use Agreement online. Below you will find a direct copy of the Terms of Use Agreement that can be signed through an online program contracted through the University of Washington called DocuSign. We encourage everyone to read and submit the Terms of Use Agreement prior to arriving at the Helpdesk to checkout equipment. Doing so will greatly reduce your wait time at the Helpdesk. If you would like to review, sign, and submit the Terms of Use Agreement, please click the following link:

I Would Like to Sign the Terms of Use Agreement


UWB IT Circulating Equipment
Terms of Use Agreement


Welcome to the University of Washington Bothell Information Technologies (UWB IT) Helpdesk Equipment Circulation Service. The following Terms of Use apply when you use this service. Before signing, please review the following terms carefully. Users will receive a confirmation of signature and a copy of the Terms of Use via the email address provided by the user. By accessing or using this service, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not access or use this service. UWB IT reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use as needed and will notify all users should changes be made.



The UWB IT Helpdesk Equipment Circulation service allows you to check out state-owned equipment for university use (academic or professional) for a set amount of time, free of charge.



You must be a current University of Washington Bothell student, faculty, or staff member to register for and utilize this service. University of Washington students from the Tacoma or Seattle campuses must be enrolled in a course at the UW Bothell campus at the time of check out in order to be eligible to utilize this service. UWB IT will verify enrollment prior to accessing or using this service.

All users must come in person to the UWB IT Helpdesk to check out equipment. Your valid Husky card is required to check out equipment. You may not check out equipment using another person’s Husky card.

Prior to using this service, all users must have read, digitally signed, and submitted the Circulating Equipment Terms of Use Agreement (this document) to the UWB IT Helpdesk. The UWB IT Helpdesk only accepts digital submissions. Paper submissions will not be accepted.

As the equipment circulated by the UWB IT Helpdesk is purchased with state funds, it is only authorized to be used for official university work as well as for university academic use. No personal use is authorized.

All student users will be strictly held to the Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington, which can be found here: 




Your permission to use this service is conditioned upon the following Use and Conduct Restrictions.

You agree that you will not under any circumstances:

  • Provide false or inaccurate information when registering an account.
  • Loan out the equipment to another person; if another person uses your equipment, you agree that you accept financial responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage by negligence.

You agree that you will:

  • Provide the UWB IT Helpdesk with updated account information as soon as a change has occurred (for example, a change in email address should be immediately reported to UWB IT).
  • Inspect all equipment at the time of check out and report any defects or missing pieces you find to the technician processing your check out.
  • Upon check in, you will be liable for any damage or missing pieces not reported at time of check out.
  • Report any and all damage that may have incurred while in your possession upon return of the equipment.
  • Return equipment to the UWB IT Helpdesk in person, with all included accessories, before closing on the due date. Equipment will not be accepted without all of its accessories.
  • Equipment returned by someone other than you may not be accepted as this violates the Terms of Use.
  • Equipment cannot be mailed to the UWB IT Helpdesk.
  • You can find up to date UWB IT Helpdesk hours of operation on the UWB IT website (www.uwb.edu/it).
  • Call or come in person to the UWB IT Helpdesk if you would like to request an equipment renewal. For most equipment, this would extend the due date by an additional 7 days from the date of the renewal request. All renewal requests are approved or denied based on current equipment inventory.
  • We are unable to process renewal requests via email.
  • Once equipment has become overdue, it will no longer be eligible to be renewed and must be returned immediately.
  • Clear all equipment memory of pertinent data before returning any equipment to the UWB IT Helpdesk. All of the data will be wiped from the equipment upon return to the UWB IT Helpdesk; UWB IT is not liable for any lost information.
  • Return all circulating equipment before closing on the last Friday of each academic quarter as equipment circulation is not available during interim breaks.
  • Comply with the rules, regulations, procedures, policies, and standards of conduct of the UWB IT Helpdesk.



You are financially responsible for all fines assessed by UWB IT, up to the total replacement value of the equipment. Fines can incur when the equipment has:

  • Become overdue
  • Been damaged
  • Been stolen
  • Been lost

You acknowledge that up-to-date and detailed information regarding user financial responsibility (including current equipment replacement fees) can be found on the UWB IT website here: www.uwb.edu/it/circulating-equipment

By signing the Circulating Equipment Terms of Use Agreement, I agree that I have thoroughly read and understand the Terms of Use described. I agree to abide by these Terms of Use throughout the duration of my use of this service.