Administrative Access Policy

Administrative Access Policy for Faculty & Staff

UW Bothell local computer administrative accounts are provided by request for staff and faculty who need administrative access in the course of their work. These accounts provide a lot more user access to workstations, so users of these accounts agree to the following guidelines:

Your responsibilities

  • Regular software security patches and updates. You are responsible for the security of the computer. You need to be conscientious about how this responsibility affects all faculty, staff, and students who use the network.
  • Software licensing. You are responsible for ensuring that all software you install using administrative access is properly licensed for use at UW Bothell, and for maintaining auditable records of installed software.
  • Appropriate use. Your administrative account may never be used to view or modify any accounts or other users’ data, or to modify security settings.

IT responsibilities

  • Standard hardware and software. In accordance with UW Bothell’s equipment replacement guidelines, IT provides each permanent faculty and staff member a preconfigured computer running UW Bothell’s standard suite of software.
  • Software purchasing and licensing. IT purchases and maintains licenses for our standard suite of software.
  • Inventory. IT inventories all UW Bothell-owned computer equipment annually.

Support for administrative access accounts

  • You assume responsibility for computer support related to any software you install, or any issues that may be related to those software installs and upgrades.
  • IT recommends that you back up critical files and data on either the UW Bothell file servers or removable media such as thumb drives or writable CDs. You assume responsibility for backing up any files saved on your local computer.
  • If, as a result of your use of the administrative account, your workstation has problems that require technical troubleshooting or has its security compromised, IT will erase the hard drive, re-install our standard suite of software, and return the computer to you in its original state.