New F-1 Student Session

All new F-1 students at UWB must attend this session. It is offered online before the start of every quarter. ISS will email you with details on how to connect to the session.

What information is covered?

Your UWB I-20 & F-1 visa

Your I-20 is the most important document to maintain while you’re an F-1 student in the US.

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Things to consider when travelling outside of the US.

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Record of entry/exit to US.

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F-1 Enrollment Requirements

Maintaining full time enrollment.

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Program Completion

Check your I-20 for your expected program completion date.

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Program Extensions

Need more time on the I-20 to finish your academic requirements.

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Common reasons for I-20 termination.

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Annual Vacation

Your F-1 visa allows you to take one annual vacation quarter (usually summer) per year.

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Leave of Absence (LOA)

Used for emergencies or situations when you can no longer maintain enrollment.

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Reduced Course Load (RCL)

Enrolling in less than full time courses.

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On-campus Employment

Eligible for part time employment on campus. Full time during your vacation quarter.

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Practical Training Authorizations

Information about OPT and CPT.

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UW Student Health Insurance

ISHIP is required for all F-1 students.

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You don’t need to carry your passport everywhere you go.

Get a WA ID card or Driver’s License


If you’re unsure, always contact UWB ISS for immigration and enrollment advice. We’re happy to help you navigate your F-1 rules and restrictions.