Program Completion


  • Every F-1 student is issued an I-20 with a program end date. The program end date is based on the average time it should take a student to complete your degree.
  • The quarter you complete your program is not your choice. You must remain enrolled in a full course load every academic quarter.
    • Full course load minimums:
      • Undergraduate: 12 credits
      • Graduate: 10 credits
  • When you have completed all required degree requirements, you will have met program completion. You may only under-enroll in your final quarter.
  • If you complete all degree requirements prior to your program end date, the program end date will be shortened to reflect degree completion.

Program completion and Summer Quarter

  • If your program end date is at the end of Summer quarter, and you can complete your degree requirements, then summer is your final academic term. You will not be eligible for an annual vacation. Make sure you have created a suitable academic plan with your academic advisor.

Options after program completion

From your program end date, you will have a 60 day grace period to remain in the US.

  • If you choose to leave the US in your 60 day grace period, you will not be able to return on F-1 status unless you have done one of the following:
    • Received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for Post-completion OPT.
    • Transferred your SEVIS record to a new school.
    • Completed the Change of Level process to begin a higher degree level at UWB.
  • During the 60 grace period, you can also apply for any of the above or apply for a change to another non-immigrant status.
  • If you reach day 60 and have not taken any action, it is expected by SEVP that you have left the country by that deadline. You may not return on the same I-20 at that point.

I need more time

See our information on program extensions.