Students moving from one SEVIS approved school to another are referred to as a “transfer-in”. You must begin class within 5-months of your transfer from your previous school.

What you must do

  • After you have been admitted to UWB, approach the International Student office/DSO at your current school to inform them that you are transferring out.
  • Every school has a slightly different internal process for you to follow. At minimum, they will ask you for proof of admission to UWB and for a transfer out date.
  • If your school asks for the UWB School Code, those are:
    • Bothell campus students: SEA214F00005000
    • Bellevue campus students (Bellevue Campus only): SEA214F00005001

What happens next

  • After you complete the I-20 request on the International Student Portal and your previous school has transferred your SEVIS record, we will print you a Transfer Pending I-20.
  • You can use this I-20 to travel or apply for a new F-1 visa (if necessary).
  • You must complete the mandatory check-in with ISS when instructed (please continuously check your UW email at the start of quarter).
  • After you have completed check-in, we will activate your SEVIS record and print you a Continued Attendance I-20 for UWB. Failure to complete check-in will result in the termination of your SEVIS record.