On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

What Kind of On-Camps Jobs Can I Do?

There are a lot of jobs on campus for international stduents such as working as a tutor for the QSC or Writing & Communication Center (WACC), or student programs through Student Engagement & Activites Office.

Students have also held positions in academic departments, such as a course grader, research assistant, or student assistant. 

How Do I Find an On-Campus Job?

The Career Center is the best place to check for current on-campus job opportunities. Information about jobs are listed here and through the weekly email you receive from Career Center called "Career Center News".

I Found an On-Campus Job! What Do I Do Next?

You landed your first on-campus job, fantastic! Your supervisor will give you some paperwork to complete so that you can be enrolled in the UW Bothell payroll system. This paperwork can sometimes be confusing, so we encourage you to look through this helpful guide on How to Complete Form 1007.

In addition, if you don't already have a Social Security Number, you can now apply for one! Please visit the SSN information for your next steps.

F-1 Immigration Rules to Follow

  • Employment at UW Seattle, UW Tacoma and Cascadia are not permitted. On-campus is defined as the UW Bothell campus.
  • Your paycheck must come from UW Bothell. Thus, working at establishments on campus, such as Subway, is not allowed.
  • You are permitted to work on the UW Bothell campus for up to 20 hours/week during an academic quarter.
  • During annual vacation (quarter off) and between quarters, you may work up to 40 hours/week on campus.
  • You are allowed to work on-campus only while you are a student (this immigration regulation is different than the UW policy for student employment). After you graduate, you must have approved OPT work authorization from USCIS to work in the U.S. Talk with your International Student Advisor if you have further questions.
  • You must follow all employment regulations governing your visa status. If you have questions, come talk with an International Student Advisor. 


UW Bothell Employer Information

UW Bothell Fiscal & Payroll Services has fantastic information to help you get started on what paperwork to submit when hiring an international student (on F1 visa) for an on-campus job. Please visit www.uwb.edu/finance/payroll and see the Foreign Nationals section.