Saving Print Code to UWB PC

Saving Print Code to UWB PC

How to save a printer code to a PC

Keep in mind that your interface may look slightly different, but these instructions can serve as a general guideline for saving your printer code to your PC.

1.      Go to the START button and then select the “Devices and Printers” queue on the far side of the window.  When the queue is selected, this window should display:


2.      Once you find the printer you’d like to print from, right click on the printer icon. This will bring up a drop down menu and the option you want to select is “Printing Preferences”.

3.      After selecting this option, the window below will appear:



4.      Select the “Detailed Settings” tab and click on “Job Setup.” After you have opened the “Job Setup” tab, enter your printing code in the field labeled “User Code” (ex. 1234).


5.      After entering the print code, click “OK” and it will permanently save the code for that specific printer to that PC.

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