Equipment Checkout Policy

Due to extremely high demand, we are not able to renew Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Cameras, Canon Vixia G20 Video Cameras, Canon Vixia R20 Video Cameras, and the Canon FS Series Video Cameras.

The IT equipment checkout policy is designed to ensure that equipment is as broadly available as possible without limiting loan periods too much, provide priority access for students in classes, and to make sure that equipment remains in good working order.

Equipment Check Out Policies:

  • A valid Husky Card and a photo ID (unless your picture is on your Husky Card) are required to checkout equipment
  • All equipment must be checked out in-person; you can't send somebody else over with your card for you
  • Students may not checkout more than one of any equipment type (for example, you can't check out 10 digital cameras at the same time)
  • Most equipment loan periods are 7 days (unless otherwise noted)
  • Equipment is only available for checkout during the regular quarter; we use the quarter breaks (interim) to service and inventory all of our equipment
  • When you check something out, you assume personal financial liability for the item; you should not loan this equipment to others
  • Student Staff are not eligible to check out equipment that is available to Staff/Faculty only
  • As our circulating equipment was purchased with state funds, they are only to be used for university business or academics. For example, you may check out our equipment to complete a school or work project (if you are employed byt UW), but not to take on your personal vacation. Please click the following link to view the University of Washington's policies on personal use of state resources

Equipment Renewal Policies:

  • You may request an equipment renewal but the Helpdesk must assess renewal requests based on current equipment inventory levels.  We may not always be able to renew the equipment to you. If we are not able to renew your equipment, it is still due by the original due date.
  • Items may only be renewed by phone or in person (no email) because our staff must confirm availability for you before renewing

Equipment Check In Policies:

  • Equipment bags often have little bits and pieces in them; be sure to return everything listed on the tag. UWB IT cannot check in any equipment with missing pieces
  • Lost, broken, or stolen equipment will be subject to replacement and processing costs
  • You are responsible for turning in your own equipment by the due date.

Overdue Equipment Policies:

  • You are responsible for returning all equipment any time before closing on the due-date issued at the time of check out
  • Late returns may be subject to fines
  • If you have overdue equipment, you are not able to check out any addition pieces of equipment until the overdue items are returned.
  • Once an item becomes overdue, you are not able to renew that piece of equipment. You must return it to the UWB IT Helpdesk.

UWB IT Equipment Check Out Card/Contract:

  • For every check out transaction, you are required to sign a contract with UWB IT. Below, as well as those listed above, are the terms you are agreeing to when you check out any equipment from UWB IT:

"I assume all financial responsibility for equipment checked out to me in the event of loss, theft, or damage by negligence. I will not loan the equipment to another person. I will return all equipment in good condition and I will report any and all damage upon return of equipment. I will return all equipment at the date and time stated at the front of this sheet. I am responsible for all fines assessed by UWB for overdue equipment, up to the total replacement value of the equipment.  If I do not pay fines assessed for damages/lost/late equipment by the stated due date, I understand that charges may be assigned to an outside agency for collections, at which time I will become responsible for collection charges in addition to the amount owed for the equipment."

  • In addition to signing this contract with UWB IT, you will also be required to initial for each piece of equipment you are checking out to acknowledge that you received each piece of the equipment kit.

Equipment Replacement Policies:

  • You are responsible for the care of the equipment checked out to you.
  • If equipment checked out to you is lost, stolen, or broken, you are responsible for replacing said equipment.
  • UWB IT will assist you with researching replacement equipment for said lost, stolen, or broken equipment. The equipment must be purchased by you, the patron, and returned to the UWB IT Helpdesk along with all corresponding accessories and parts. UWB IT does not operate with currency or funds in any capacity, so we are unable to take direct payments in lieu of item replacements.
  • For information on replacement costs, please see this page.