UW Bothell Summer Reading Group

2 awards (1 for teaching, 1 for research) granted annually. Applications open March 11, 2024.

The Summer Reading Group provides an opportunity for groups of 4 – 6 faculty to become immersed in shared scholarship or teaching areas of interest. Participating faculty will review and discuss scholarship during the funding term. Although the reading groups may lead to new collaborations or larger-scale projects, the focus of the groups is to catch up on new scholarship or practice in a shared area of interest. 

The Office of Faculty Success will provide up to two awards per summer – one focusing on scholarship and creative practice, and another on teaching and pedagogy. Each faculty in a reading group will receive $1000, and each group leader will receive $1250. Groups must meet for a minimum of 10 hours. Groups determine how they will schedule those 10 hours during the summer term. For example, groups can meet to discuss readings one hour/week for ten weeks, two hours/week for five weeks, two hours/day for one week, etc. Funds can be used for either salary (benefits are deducted from the amount) or as support for teaching, scholarship, or creative practice. Application instructions can be found here. The deadline is April 12, 2024. Open to all faculty.