Faculty resources

Instructional and research continuity

In situations where the campus is closed, you are unable to come to campus, and/or your students are unable to come to campus, please refer to the following resources that are continuously updated:
Accessing Library resources during campus closure
Teach Anywhere

Academic alerts & CARE team

Academic Alerts through Navigate and the CARE Team at UW Bothell can be invaluable resources for faculty, advisors, and student support staff to use work together in supporting students. Learn when and how to use these resources.

Academic HR

UW Bothell Human Resources is dedicated to supporting the mission, vision and goals of the University of Washington Bothell through positive and equitable recruitment, retention, advising and professional development of staff, administrators, faculty, students, and applicants. Visit the Academic HR page to learn about faculty benefits, policies, employment, and more.

Curriculum development

Creating new undergraduate programs is an extensive process that requires multiple levels of approvals, and program changes can be involved, as well. Find information on policies, and guidance through the process, on the Curriculum Development page.

Faculty and staff development

UW Bothell provides a range of opportunities for faculty and staff to co-learn and engage with experts in specific areas of teaching and learning praxis. Opportunities of particular note:

Equity Across the Curriculum

How can UW Bothell foster a community of learners ready to “imagine another world,” one that advances UW Bothell’s goal to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion? The Equity Across the Curriculum Initiative explores this question as it relates to liberatory pedagogy and faculty development. It is a peer-to-peer faculty development project co-sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, the Learning and Teaching Collaborative and the Office of Diversity and Equity.

General Faculty Organization

The General Faculty Organization (GFO) serves as the forum for faculty deliberation and decision-making, and for the formulation and conveyance of advice to the Chancellor of the UW Bothell Campus on a wide range of matters related to the mission of the UW Bothell.

General Staff Organization

The General Staff Organization (GSO) is a committee of staff members at UW Bothell who work together to promote staff engagement. All staff are members of the GSO!

Office of Sponsored Research

The faculty student experience is paramount at UW Bothell and due to the nature of being a primarily undergraduate institution, faculty have competing priorities and limited time. Therefore, UW Bothell’s Office of Sponsored Research offers support to advance their research agenda and maximize their community impact while creating conditions for faculty student connections.

Selected faculty and staff policies

Academic Affairs maintains a list of policies relevant to faculty members and academic staff at UW Bothell.

Teaching resources

UW Bothell fosters transformational pedagogy through an innovative array of faculty development and co-learning opportunities. The Teaching Resources page features resources to support teaching faculty and staff at UW Bothell.