UW Bothell Publication and Production Award

12 awards granted each academic year. Applications considered in fall and spring quarters.

The Publication and Production Award is for UW Bothell professorial track faculty (tenure, teaching, research, and WOT) and artists-in-residence seeking supplemental funds to assist with costs related to scholarly, creative and artistic publications and production. Awards are available to eligible faculty who have already secured a formal contract for a book, exhibition or production, or an official journal acceptance for an article. Examples of eligible expenses for publications include (but are not limited to), indexing, translations, images, illustrations, securing copyright permissions, book publicity workshops, article publication charges, professional editing or proofreading for books (not journals). Examples of eligible expenses for exhibitions and performances include (but are not limited to) display and staging materials/equipment, space rental, audio and lighting services. Book subvention funds are available for peer-reviewed scholarly monographs or creative works (e.g., novels, book of essays or poetry). Although subvention grants generally provide support for monographs and creative books, requests for edited volumes will be considered. Costs associated with travel, conferences, conducting research, or creating art or performances are not allowed. 

The Office of Faculty Success will provide up to $2500 for books, $2500 for production (depending on scale/impact) and $1000 for journal articles. Priority for funding will be for faculty at critical points of advancement (e.g., faculty near promotion to Associate Teaching Professor/Associate Professor, Senior Artist-in-Residence or Teaching Professor/Professor), and those who have not previously received the award. Funding is limited to one award per academic year. Application instructions can be found here. Application for fall round are now closed. The spring round application deadline is May 24, 2024 by 5pm.


Nora Kenworthy was granted the award to support her forthcoming manuscript Crowded Out: The True Costs of Crowdfunding Health Care published by MIT Press.

Afra Mashhadi was granted the award to support her co-authored manuscript “Recreational Mobility Prior and During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to be published in the journal Nature Communication Physics.