GRAD Council

Graduate Resource and Development Council

The University of Washington Bothell Graduate Resource and Development (GRAD) Council is committed to enhancing graduate education and building a graduate community on the UW Bothell campus. Graduate advisors and staff partner with faculty, staff, students, campus partners, the UW Graduate School, and graduate staff at UW Seattle and UW Tacoma to cultivate a holistic and transformative educational experience.

Established in 2014, the GRAD Council is composed of graduate advisors, recruiters, and support staff from all UW Bothell graduate academic units. This Council was established to enhance the development and visibility of graduate education, in support of the priorities identified in the 21st Century Campus Initiative. The overall mission of the Council is to support cross-program coordination in areas such as:

  • Building a richer culture of graduate education at UW Bothell.
  • Identifying synergies across programs and academic units to expand academic experiences and leverage resources (e.g., cross-program listings or electives).
  • Enhancing the visibility of graduate education programs and activities.

The council strives to strengthen graduate students’ experiences and educational success while improving campus-wide recruiting and retention efforts and supporting the overall enhancement of graduate education at UWB. The Council is convened by an annually elected chairperson and comprises representatives of each graduate academic unit offered at UW Bothell.


  • Chair, Jerry Vasquez, (School of Business)
  • Co-Chair, Crystal Galván, (School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences)


  • Celinda Smith, (School of Nursing and Health Studies)
  • Beth Gee, (School of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Michele Graaff, (School of Educational Studies)