University Housing Assistance Program

UW Bothell is allocated 1 UHAP slot each academic year to assist with recruiting either new assistant professors or a new early associate professor.

Once the nominee is identified during the formal search process, each dean should submit their nominee for the UHAP program to the VCAA with a justification that clearly and succinctly addresses all of the following:

  • Why the nominee is a priority hire for the school and the campus
  • How the UHAP program is critical to the recruitment of the nominee
  • The resources/incentives that the school is committing to recruit the nominee (e.g., start-up, lab improvements, etc.)

The nominations will be considered by the VCAA and the Chancellor on a rolling basis with decisions within a week as to whether or not to forward a recommendation to the Provost. Once the nominee has been approved by the Provost, the VCAA will inform the deans.