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UW Bothell Hosted Second Annual Symposium on Global Engagement through Technology

Global Engagement through Technology Symposium 2015The symposium brought together over 50 faculty and administrators from 22 institutions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to discuss how we can expand access to global learning opportunities using technology. The program highlighted the UW Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Initiative and provided hands-on experience with several easily accessible technology tools to facilitate engagement across boundaries. Participants enjoyed ample networking opportunities to share best practices and create a physical and virtual learning community.

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Internationalization at UW Bothell

Global Initiatives is building an infrastructure for supporting more robust internationalization programs for students, faculty and staff across campus, including study abroad, institutional and research partnerships, curricular integration, and opportunities for global involvement locally.

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Enhancing Global Education in Washington State

Global Washington’s Global Education Initiative aims to improve global education in the State of Washington. A recently released report identifies six major recommendations:

  1. Build statewide support for global education.
  2. Identify and promote best practices.
  3. Increase second language learning.
  4. Prepare globally competent P-12 teachers.
  5. Increase global engagement in higher education.
  6. Build strong partnerships between global development and global education.

UW Bothell is committed to actively pursuing these global education goals. Global Washington is a membership association that promotes and supports the global development sector in the state of Washington, comprised of non-profit organizations, foundations, businesses, government and academic institutions. UW Bothell has been a member of GlobalWA since 2012.

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