Husky Connections


What is Husky Connections?

Husky Connections is part of the nationally recognized Project Connect.  Project Connect is a peer-facilitated program that helps students meet and get to know students outside of their social group, and build stronger community on campus. Students meet in groups of 5-8 over the course of six 1-hour sessions and engage in a series of thought-provoking questions and fun activities, ending with a reunion event at the start of the following quarter.  Husky Connections are available to all students.  Student must agree to attend all six meetings.  

Why should I be a part of a Husky Connection Group?smiling student with other students

We know it can be hard to make meaningful connections with others.  Husky Connections can help you make connections and help you learn skills and fun ways to network and make deeper connections outside of the group.  Husky Connections is also a great way to help UW Bothell create a stronger and more supportive community.


When are Husky Connection Groups?

We will be rolling out groups thorughout each quarter.  The groups will typically meet twice a week at the same time and location.  The program will last 2 1/2 weeks and then there will be a reunion event at the start of the follwoing quarter.  Once you register for a group, you will receive confirmation and communications from your Husky Connections Faciliator.

Where do I sign-up for a group?  

STUDENTS WALKING TOGETHERFill out the Registration form that will list the currently available groups.  Groups will be limited to 8 students and will be first-come-first-serve.  If your group preference is no longer available, we will notify you when new groups are available.  We will be adding groups throughout the quarter and the rest of the year.     


Husky Connections is part of Project Connect.  Husky Connections faciliatators are certified by Project Connect. 

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