Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know you have lot of questions about Orientation. Hopefully this page will help you out. If we did not answer your question here, please contact us at otp@uw.edu or 425.352.5266.

General Information

What will I be doing at Orientation?

Just like when you start a new job, you will be required to attend some kind of orientation.  It is at Orientation where you will learn about the UW Bothell culture, where things are located on campus, what resources and services are available to you, and where you can get tips on what it takes to be successful at the University of Washington.  This is your time to get acclimated to the campus before you are hit with classes and homework!  It is also your time to meet new people.  At orientation, you will connect with a cohort of other new students that will soon be the friends you will study with and hang-out with when you are not in class.  You will also connect with an Orientation Leader that will be assigned to you for your first quarter at UW Bothell. 

I am a student with special needs, who do I contact to make accommodations?

Please see our Accessibility & Accomodations page.

When do I register for my classes?

Transfer students will be able to register for classes after attending an Advising & Orientation Program.  First year students will be able register after Advising Appointment.  Advising appointments will be scheduled once you complete both your on-line Orientation (UWB 101) and your Advising & Orientation (A&O) session. 

When do I get my Husky Card?

Your Husky Card is your student identification card. To learn more about getting your Husky Card, please visit https://hfs.uw.edu/Husky-Card-Services/Husky-Card/Student-Husky-Card

Who is my Peer Coach and how do I contact them?

Peer Coaches are assigned to all incoming first year students.  They are very excited to work with you!   You will meet them for the first time at your Advising & Orientation session. 

Virtual A&O Experience

Why did UWB make the decision to go online?

In order to prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff, UW Bothell orientation will remain fully only through Autumn 2021. This online program is NOT subject to change, regardless of the current conditions and will assure that you have seamless experience.  We understand the importance of in person connections and we hope that conditions will allow for that in September with our Welcome Week program.  

hat if I do not have access to a laptop/tablet or stable internet?

If you do not have access to a laptop/tablet or stable internet, please go to our Accessibility & Accommodations page to fill out our Special Accommodations Request form. Orientation & Transition Programs will reach out to work with students to find a feasible solution. 

What is Zoom and how do I download it?

Zoom is a free online video/chat tool that will be used during your remote A&O. If you are able, please click here to download. Zoom will also automatically be downloaded when you join your first Zoom meeting.  

I'm have trouble with Zoom, what can I do?

Here are some places where you can get some support with Zoom.

Is online orientation the same as the virtual A&O?

No. Online orientation is a series of modules which must be completed PRIOR to your virtual A&O. Online orientation is released mid-May and provides a basic overview of information, preparing you for more detailed content shared within the virtual A&O format. Online orientation is a registration hold and if you do not complete it, you cannot proceed with your Virtual A&O, get an appointment with academic adviser, or register for classes.

Why is the virtual First Year A&O two days?

While the format of A&O is different from previous years, the required information related to a two-day Freshman A&O will remain the same. There will be several breaks throughout the sessions.

General A&O

Do I need to attend A&O?

Yes. Advising & Orientation is required of all first-year and transfer undergraduate students (not required for graduate, exchange, post-baccalaureate, re-admits, or online integrated social sciences students). A failure to attend a full A&O session will result in a hold being placed on your course registration.

What if I am late or have to leave early from my A&O?

Please contact us immediately at otp@uw.edu or call at 425-352-5266. You will likely have to attend another A&O to make up the information you missed before you can register for classes.

When do I pay the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee (NSEOF)?

The $330 NSEOF is paid as part the first quarter tuition.

What does the NSEOF cover?

The NSEOF supports orientation and transition programs designed specifically to set students up for success. These programs include Advising & Orientation (A&O), Welcome Week, Husky+, First Year Coaching Program, Husky Adventures, Living-Learning Communities, and New Student Networks.  For more information, please visit the NSEOF page.

Should my parent/family members come to the A&O with me?

No, the Advising & Orientation sessions are designed just for students. Parent and family members are encouraged to attend one of the Parent & Family Orientation session

What should I do to prepare for my A&O?

Visit our Next Steps page to find out how to prepare for your Advising & Orientation session


Does an earlier A&O date mean better class choices?

Yes. Students attending earlier A&O sessions will have a wider variety of courses. However, regardless of when a student attends A&O, we guarantee access to a schedule with courses that count towards full time status as well as graduation requirements. Advisers and current students will be available for questions about registration throughout the entire summer.

How do I change my A&O date?

To change your A&O date, please visit the A&O registration website. Note, that A&O registration locks 2 weeks before each session. If it is within that two-week period you will need to contact our office to be removed from that session.  You cannot be added to an A&O once the session is locked.