Enrollment & orientation fee

New student enrollment & orientation fee

The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is a mandatory, one-time fee of $370 that all entering undergraduate students at the University of Washington Bothell campus pay to confirm enrollment.

The NSEOF supports orientation and transition programs designed specifically to set students up for success. These programs include Advising & Orientation (A&O), Welcome Week, Peer Coaching Program, Husky Adventures, Husky Connections, and New Student Networks.

The NSEOF is neither refundable nor transferable to another quarter or another student. The fee is also not transferrable to any other UW campus.


The NSEOF was established at UW Bothell in 2008 to help cover the costs associated with supporting incoming students to UW Bothell. The NSEOF already existed at UW Seattle since 2002. In 2006 UW Bothell started admitting first-year students and with this came the recognition that the campus needed to do more to support the transition to and through college. The Faculty, Deans, Administration, and Board of Regents approved the NSEOF and with it came the creation of the department of Orientation & Transition Programs.

Through robust campus partnerships, the department of Orientation & Transition Programs was able to create a variety of initiatives that help students with academic planning, student success strategies, community building, and personal development. Through these initiatives, students will have greater success in and outside of the classroom, be intentional with their academic and career pursuits, and be retained as happy and successful University of Washington Bothell students and alumni.

Because the NSEOF is required for all students, financial aid for this fee is built into a student’s aid package for their first year. This also means that the fee is not able to be waived.

  • 2008 fee: instituted at $250
  • 2016 fee: increased to $300
  • 2020 fee: increased to $330
  • 2022 fee: increased to $350
  • 2023 fee: increased to $370

NSEOF allocations

The NSEOF is currently $370 and all incoming matriculated undergraduate students are charged. Allocations are split up in the following ways:

  • Professional and Classified staff 46% ($169)
  • Student Wages 20% ($75)
  • Programming Costs 34% ($126)

Programs Supported by the NSEOF

  • First-Year Advising & Orientation Programs
  • Peer Coaching Program
  • On-line Orientation
  • Welcome Week
  • International Student Orientation
  • Veterans Orientation
  • Husky Connections Program
  • Husky Adventures
  • New Student Networks
  • UWB101

Orientation & Transition Programs Student Advisory Council

This council discusses programs provided to first year and transfer students that are supported by the New Student Enrollment Fee (NSEOF). These programs include Advising and Orientation, Welcome Week, New Student Networks, Husky Leadership Camp, and Husky Adventures. This committee will help generate ideas on campus wide and departmental collaborations. This committee will assist in advising OTP staff, from a student perspective, on what the needs of students are as they experience transitions in college. In addition, this committee will provide student perspective on justifications for and impacts of changes to the NSEOF.

Council will meet monthly (2 hours) and have a Student Chair that will help set agendas with the Director of Orientation & Transition Programs and represent the committee at ASUWB and Board of Regents Meetings. Council members are volunteer and unpaid while doing council work.