Ray Corona discusses DACA with Seattle CityClub


Founder of the Washington Dream Coalition Ray Corona (’13, Society, Ethics & Human Behavior) sat down with Seattle CityClub to share his experience as a DACA recipient.  On October 4, he’ll join a discussion on the future of DACA at Civic Cocktail, which can be viewed live on The Seattle Channel.  “DACA provided me and many other dreamers with a sense of security and normalcy. Many of us have been in the US for over a decade but have always lived in fear of the authorities due to our immigration status.”  DACA allowed Ray to graduate from college and immediately enter this workforce as an admissions advisor for UW Bothell. 

Ray is also a member of the Seattle LGBTQ Commission and Executive Director of Somos Seattle, a nonprofit serving the queer Latinx community. On being a public figure, Ray says, “My motivation for advocating for both my immigrant and queer identity is to bring visibility to these issues, ensure representation within the political system, and ultimately get to solutions for the various challenges affecting these communities.” Read the full interview.

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