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Jennifer Atkinson Leads Climate Workshop for 200 Faculty at California State University

IAS faculty member Jennifer Atkinson worked with climate author Sarah Jaquette Ray to train over 200 faculty on how to center emotion in climate education. The sessions took place in March 2024, with faculty from across the California State University (CSU) system attending. The workshops are part of CSU’s Teaching Climate Change and Resilience Faculty...

March 21, 2024

Jennifer Atkinson Discusses Climate Anxiety on Crosscut Reports, PBS

Faculty member Jennifer Atkinson spoke with “Crosscut Reports” on Cascade PBS about the vast range of emotions people experience in climate education and climate activism — from outrage and fear to solidarity, purpose, apathy, and joy. In introducing this episode on How Climate Change is Taxing Our Mental Health, Crosscut host Maleeha Syed summarized her...

March 7, 2024

IAS Affiliate Faculty Jill Freidberg has been awarded a $400,000 Mellon Humanities In Place grant

IAS Affiliate Faculty Jill Freidberg has been awarded a $400,000 Mellon Humanities In Place grant for the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute, an oral history training program that she founded and co-directs as part of her work at Wa Na Wari. Since its inception, the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute has also received curricular support from IAS geographers...

February 29, 2024

Rage and Feminist Resurgence

In a world marked by unprecedented mass mobilizations, what does feminist rage look like? This presentation explores how women in Argentina, Morocco, and South Korea are campaigning against the pandemic of femicide, sexual violence, moral policing, cyber exploitation, and extreme beauty standards. It looks at the ways in which, inspired by the belief in the...

February 29, 2024

Teaching for Equity in STEM

Professor Becca Price recently spoke at an event sponsored by the Graduate Society of Women Engineers at UW Seattle. The title of her talk was “Teaching equitably, fairly, and with justice.” During the presentation, she had a dynamic discussion with attendees about teaching by building from students’ strengths, using community cultural wealth and ethics of...

February 29, 2024

Melanie Malone announced as Presidential Plenary Speaker for AAG 2024

IAS faculty member Melanie Malone will be one of the featured Presidential Plenary speakers at the Annual Association of American Geographers Conference 2024. She will be speaking about reciprocal community research and soil contamination. For more information, see the special events announcement and the session information.

February 1, 2024

Santiago Lopez’s research is cited in Grist

Santiago Lopez’s was interviewed by Grist Magazine and his work on tropical deforestation cited in the article entitled “In the Ecuadorian Amazon, oil threatens decades of Indigenous-led conservation“. The article was co-published by Grist and InfoAmazonia and is part of The Human Cost of Conservation, a Grist series on Indigenous rights and protected areas.

February 1, 2024

Santiago Lopez received a Global Innovation Fund Award

Santiago Lopez receives a Global Innovation Fund Award to support the implementation of a new program entitled ” Global Connections and Engagements Through Geotechnical Applications”. The program is a collaboration between IAS, the Department of Applied Math at UW Seattle, and the Polytechnic Salesian University in Quito, Ecuador. The funding will support a study abroad...

February 1, 2024

Julie Shayne presents at the annual winter Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) meeting

Dr. Julie Shayne, Teaching Professor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Global Studies attended this year’s winter SWS conference “Queering SWS: Seeking Radical Inclusion in a Complex World.” Shayne moderated a panel titled “Feminist Responses to Gender-Based Violence in Transnational Perspective,” organized by her longtime collaborator Dr. Barbara Sutton from the University at Albany,...

February 1, 2024

New Publication and Public Readings

Jeanne Heuving recently published her three volume book, INDIGO ANGEL, with Black Square Editions. In its three meditations—MOOD INDIGO, BRILLIANT CORNERS and AIR TIME–INDIGO ANGEL takes its lead from different jazz modalities as these ray out into other arts, the natural world and human history. In serial prose and poetry septets that begin again and...

January 25, 2024