Student Feedback

Tell us about your IAS experience

The School of IAS seeks to provide an inclusive and just educational environment that enhances the capacities of students, faculty, and staff to work together across differences. We strive to do our best work and support the overall wellbeing of IAS students, and we realize that some experiences will indicate a need for further reflection.

The University of Washington Bothell and the School of IAS have procedures in place to address most formal concerns and grievances, as listed below. With your constructive comments and feedback, IAS can improve in our ability to understand student concerns and build an institution that is responsive to your needs.

Raise a concern

The School of IAS believes that most concerns can be resolved by meeting with the person involved. However, we also realize that there may be situations in which a student may feel uncomfortable approaching the faculty or staff member directly. Please review the following ways to raise an issue or request support during difficult times:

Share a compliment

We also want to hear about your positive experiences with IAS courses, faculty, advisors, or staff. Your feedback will allow IAS to provide encouragement, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate student success!